Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weezy Wednesday: Let the Festivities Begin!

I knew I wanted to marry Brakes long before I met his extended family: he is gorgeous, smart, and he thinks I am the beez-neez so why wouldn't I want to marry him? But let me tell you, if I had been on the fence the first time I went to his family reunion, would have sealed the deal for me!

Brakes' family is fantastic! They are a huge, wild group of loving, gregarious folks and they throw an amazing days-long party every summer at this magical place called, "The River House," in southern Maryland. The River House really is a magical place; it is so relaxing, accepting, and fun. When I am there each summer, I feel like I can finally exhale and begin to settle into my true self. I laugh harder, sleep better, and even food tastes better at the River House. (MMmmm, crab.)

This year Brakes and I were really excited to introduce Eloise to her extended family and initiate her into world of Propinquity. Judging by the way she handled the inaugural weekend cannon blast (yes, that is right, the reunion begins with cannon fire)- Eloise will fit right in.

Let the festivities begin!

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