Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ketchup (or Catch Up, you know I can’t resist a pun) and Other Garnishes

Hi all!  It has been awhile! When we last left off, Weezy was talking dirty in the shower, I was heavily laden with child, and Brakes was doing his best to survive in a house so full of estrogen.  Now, there is even more estrogen (poor Brakes).  On April 26th, we welcomed our little garnish, Miss Olive Beecroft!

olive week 1 060

In one of the many sleepless nights I have enjoyed since then, I developed a guilty conscience about the fact  that I have everything, including Eloise’s first turd, documented and memorialized for all the world to see.  Yet I have nary a sentence about the sweetest,  most loving, adorable, and fantastic little garnish ever to be born!  As a second daughter myself, I am extremely sensitive to issues such as these; they sometimes hit a bit close to home.  For example, here is a picture of my baby book:



That’s right.  There is no baby book. And when it was my turn to make an “All About Me” poster in 2nd grade, my mom tried to convince me that I was the brown haired/brown eyed child in the photos she pasted to the bedazzled poster board.  I was tow-headed with green eyes, but why get mired down in such trivial details?  Anyways, about 2 am yesterday morning, I struck a deal with Olive, if she would agree to go to mother-truckin sleep, then I would try to jot down some recollections of her pregnancy and babyhood for posterity’s sake.  I had to throw in some moo-moos to sweeten the deal but she eventually capitulated and we  all got some rest.  So here I am.  Please excuse any poor grammar, typos, and hormonal gushing about my kids; try to remember people, I am tired.  Very tired. And Olive, when you read this 20 years from now (will people even read then?  Information will probably be teleported to your brain using tronics (B&G speak for the remote control).  You should probably also ignore the meandering off topic tendencies.  Whatev.) call me up and thank me for putting up with your 2 am giggles every night.  And also, don’t be a hoochie.    That is my advice for you, 20 year old Olive.

First Family Photo