Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the Interim...

I promise I will eventually get back to writing verbose posts bursting with charming anecdotes and the intimate details of our daily lives... you are thrilled, I am sure. But until Weezy figures out the difference between day and night you are all stuck with pictures of her cute face. Too bad, so sad!
Here is our gorgeous girl:
Weezy modeling her fancy Easter dress from Granmov.

Lamb Jams (Don't you just love kids in pajamas?)

This is what she wore for her first date. She wanted something flirtatious but not revealing!

First hint of a smile. She is a coy one!

Eloise's impression of a pea in a pod!

Check out her thunder thighs

This is Ole Blue Eyes and her tongue

Tess "barks" directions for Weezy at tummy time.

That is all for now; Weezy is totally spent!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy Weezy

Don't believe everything you read! (Actually, she is quite sweet!) Weezy and Uncle "The Unc" Paddy
Eloise and her Aunties Chelsea and Sabrina

Check out her Angelina lips

Look what the Easter Bunny put in our basket!

Don't hate me because I am beautiful...

Eloise and her Easter animal collections

She gots a bunny tail!

Cowgirl's first nap in her big-girl crib!