Friday, August 14, 2009

My Bodacious Post Baby Bod

Wanna know what sound cheers up Gas in a matter of seconds? The free-wheeling zing of my zipper effortlessly zipping up in my fave pre-pregnancy summer shorts! Last weekend I was grumpy. Seriously grumpy. Us artistic types are given to frequent bouts of moodiness. As I am not that artistic, my grumpy spells don't last long and are generally not too serious, however last weekend I was in fact, really, very grumpy (and wordy. Obviously this tenet has yet to wear off). Not even a daytime date with my loving man could cajole me out of my malaise... until I tried on my fave summer shorts. In Northern California this Arizona girl does not often need shorts considering I start shivering when the temp falls below 80 degrees. However a couple of days each summer are much more comfortable when weathered in cotton shorts. These particular shorts I had bought last year, a week or two before I found out I was pregnant. At the time I was thrilled to find shorts that contained Jumbo (what my family lovingly calls my hienie. Is it weird that we make up nicknames for our body parts?) but I only got to enjoy them a "short" (hardee-har-har) amount of time, before pregnancy and cool temperatures made me retire these bad-boys to the back of the closet. When I was packing for vaycay a few weeks ago I tried on these shorts and I could barely get them zipped; Jumbo was not contained and a Muffin Top (shall we call her Muffy?) had joined him to complete the look. Needless to say, my shorts did not make the trip and I spent the majority of vaycay lounging around in muumuus (very forgiving, you know) and yoga pants.
Last weekend, because I was already grumpy, I decided to really pile on the heartache by trying on my favorite shorts. Imagine my ecstatic surprise and celebration when I heard that magic sound (please shut your eyes and relive it with me... ziiiiiiiiip. Like butta.) My gorge-shorts fit!!! I spent the rest of the weekend (and the better part of last week) walking around on cloud nine. Brakes thinks its hysterical that I cannot pass a mirror without slapping my ass and squealing, "I'm back, baby!" Though he does wish I would quit wearing my shorts to bed.
Up until now, I've followed the advice of my doctor, who sweetly patted my well-cushioned hip and told me to consider the weight I gain during pregnancy future food storage for my baby, and I've not actively dieted or tried to loose weight. I have not gotten on the scale or started any strict exercise plan. Breastfeeding supposedly burns around 700 calories a day so I figured I am already working out plus I get to eat dessert! I am jesting (mostly) but I have not really been focusing on my post-baby bod... until now! Now that I have concrete proof (my shorts) that my body will bounce back, I am more motivated than ever to speed this process up! Starting this week I am done with sweets- no more delicious chocolate covered blueberries and slow-churned creamy delights. I am all about green tea and fresh fruit when I need a little something sweet. Also the days of burritos the size of my baby are over; I will settle for a modest burrito bowl with no sour cream. I will not however give up wine (a girl has to draw a line somewhere). Or beer. It's good for my milk; why should Eloise suffer because Mommy is on a diet?
Also I am going to start exercising more than the occasional water aerobics class and walk to the local frozen yogurt shop. I went so far as to buy the 30-Day-Shred video, but after watching Brakes (who has annoyingly worked out 5 times a week since before I met him) struggle through it and then proclaim that Jillian Michaels is a "sadist," I'll save that one for later. Instead Eloise and I are doing the Couch to 5K running program. I am a swimmer by training but since I need something I can do with Eloise during the day, and while she loves to swim, her stroke is not quite up to par yet, so running is the program for us! We have all the equipment: new shoes, a brand new jogging stroller scored from Craigslist for less than half-price, these podcasts downloaded onto Brake's ipod, and knee socks for the Weez. We are ready to meet our destiny! Stay tuned for our updates and keep your eyes peeled; Weez and I may be pounding the pavement near you. I'll be the one in the hot shorts. :)

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Way to sock it to us the Weez!