Monday, August 10, 2009

Hawley Lake

Brakes, Eloise, Auntie Bun, Pavy, Movy, Roscoe, Uncle Brov, and Gas
(Thank you, Auntie Jessica for taking the pic!)

For several years my parents have been summering (doesn't that sound very fancy?) at Hawley Lake in Arizona with a group of people they've been friends with for 30+ years (my mother requested I not share exactly how many years for fear that it will date her). I spent my whole childhood in Arizona yet I never knew this amazing place existed.

It is located on an Apache Reservation and the Tribe rents cabins out for income. These cabins were originally built by rich Phoenicians looking for a way to beat the summer heat in the 40's and 50's. The Tribe gave them long-term leases for dirt-cheap so the rich families went ahead and built luxury getaways on their leased property. When the Tribe tried to raise the yearly up-keep fees by a few hundred dollars, the Phoenicians got uppity and refused to pay, thinking that the Tribe would back down. Not for the first time the Apaches were seriously underestimated and they refused to renew the leases when they came due. The Phoenicians had no choice but to abandon their cabins (some decided to burn them down rather than let the Tribe take them over). Today the cabins are in much the same shape they were in when they were built (think 50 year old stoves and antiquated plumbing) but lots and lots of charm in crazy beautiful surroundings.

We had a great time at Hawley Lake. Brakes learned to fly fish with the boys and Weezy and the girls palavered on the porch and went for nature walks. We ate amazing meals (Thanksgiving in July is my new favorite holiday!), had great conversation, and enjoyed lots of laughter. It was the perfect way to wrap up Weezy's first vacay!


liz said...

My mom has some pretty sassy shots of the Weez. I do believe they were taken for Baxter's enjoyment, seeing as she was topless in one of them. I had no idea Hawley lake was so scandalous.

African Kelli said...

Such a great tradition!