Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Late Edition of Weezy Wednesday

So much stuff brewing over here in the Brakes and Gas household that I almost forgot Weezy Wednesday!
Now for your viewing pleasure: The Amazing Jumping Eloise!
(Best viewed with head tilted to the side and volume turned down to tone down my moronic voice... sorry I WILL get better at taking movies, I promise.)

(Also, be kind and make no comments about my kid's prominent bald stripe along the back of her head... She really is a Grewe!)


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! I'm getting motion sickness!
Didn't we agree that best friends don't do this to each other the Weez?

- The Caterpillar

African Kelli said...

She is getting so big!

Leilani said...

Love the videos of her! She's so adorable!

Zoe said...

How cute is she in her little jumpy-jump?! I cannot wait to see her again on Thursday. Please warn her that her chubbola cheeks might get pinched a little (gently, of course)!