Friday, April 16, 2010

Now This is What I Call a Mother Truckin Tablescape!

Some people are born to shop, eat chocolate, be wild, etc. (or so I read at a tee-shirt stand in Tijuana back in ‘’95… Okay, so I have never be to Tijuana.  Certainly not in ‘’95, I was 12 at the time.  I just thought it sounded tough and complemented my bad-ass title.  Thoughts?)   I was born to tablescape.  As many of you may have guessed, I’ve dabbled in tablescape architecture a time or two before with an occasional cloth napkin.  Perhaps even a pillar candle.  On special occasions, I’ve even been known to jam a post-it into a pine cone and call it a place card.  I realize now that those were just cheap imitations of the real art of tablescapery- Behold, my masterpiece:

Tabescape 2

I call it:  Ladies who Lunch

Tablecape 3


This tablescape was inspired by my dear sister-in-law, Diana.  Her best gals and I threw her a surprise ladies tea to celebrate her engagement.  She is getting married in August to the love of her life!  And I am so touched that she asked me to be her maid of honor!  (I know I should officially by called matron of honor, but yikes!  That sounds frightfully old and dour, so I think I will just stick to maid of honor, thank you very much!)  I had so much planning her fancy tea party and leapin-lizards (I mean damn-it-all-to-hell! Bad-ass theme, you understand.)  we are going to have fun at her Hen Party in May!  I am planning on riding our fat hogs up and down the coast, hitting every biker bar between here and T-town (Tijuana, my second home) and stopping for some arson and vandalism along the way… AKA: we are partaking in a lovely wine festival followed by a day at the spa!  Should be divine!  Ta ta!  I mean, perch and rotate, mother truckers!


Mommy Moreno from said...

Impressive!!! I had no idea this was one of your many talents. Youre a badass - TJ or not. ;P

I swear I used to have a few awesome table cloths like this one and threw them OUT (or sold them at a garage sale?) and kick myself everytime I think about it. :(

Shanlee said...

You kiss your mother with that mouth? Just kidding.

Sabreena said...

That is awsome. I love the flowers. I suck at things like this. Mine would be called "Table-scape-ghettos". You go creative girl!!

P.S. Love what you've done with your site. Thanks for the bloggy love.

SmartAssMom said...

I'm impressed! You've seen how I struggle with the table scape. It's a talent, and I can see talent in you, little one.

Mrs. T said...

Beautiful! If you're looking for something other than "maid of honor" we used "woman of honor" for my bff. We're not into marriage associated labels. :P

The Southern Door said...

VERY PRETTY!!!!!!!! I love the chair covers...I HAVE to do that. :)