Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Apologies

Sorry for the long absence, folks!  I would like to say I was traveling the world, discussing the various merits of drop-cloth decor (that’s right!  I have gone so far beyond windows) and educating people about the many, many uses for this generation’s most underrated fabric.  But alas, I wasn’t.  My only excuse is that my sweet BABY turned one and I was pretty much obsessed with that the entire month of March.  Poor Brakes got so sick of my daily, “Remember this time last year….” marathon.  He finally drew the line when I took him and Weezy on a walk through the park with the specific intention of paying homage to the porta-potty I was standing next to when I had my first contraction.  I may have wanted to take a picture.  My nostalgia had reached new heights, people.  I was out of control. Way out of control.  Brakes had to set some boundaries.

So after a firm talking to (“Gas, there will be other birthdays…”) I am back; birthdays are so yesterday’s news (See, Brakes?  I’m learning.), and we’ve got all sorts of fab stuff to discuss in the B&G household. 

  • Weezy’s birthday breakdown (Last time, Brakes.  I promise.)
  • House updates  (You never said I couldn’t talk about drop cloths!)
  • Some life-changing new products to review! (Some may have been purchased for events that we will no longer mention. Cupcake stand.  What?!  Hunh?!Who said that?!)
  • Bachelorette Party madness in May (which happens to be my birthday month.  What, Brakes?!  You said nothing about my birthday!  You just said I had to quit talking about Weezy’s birthday!).
  • Tablescapes (You know, table decor for a party.  Like maybe for a birthday party.  Oh, crap.  I did it again.)

I am obviously working on letting go, readers.  Have patience.  While you wait for me to get my act together, feast your eyes on this sweetheart who I think (I can’t quite recollect), may have possibly, perhaps, celebrated an important event recently.  Or maybe she has cake mashed all over her face on every plain ole regular Saturday night! And yes, her onsie is bedazzled.


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minivan soapbox said...

Can I borrow your bedazzler? I was to put some shiny crap on my husbands pants and see if he notices?