Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Has Sprung and Weezy’s One!

On thee first day of spring,  our  sweet Weezy was born so the theme for her first birthday seemed obvious!  Bugs, gardens, flowers, and seeds!  All things spring! IMG_5234IMG_1939IMG_1940IMG_5233IMG_5235IMG_5237IMG_5237 - Copy

All decor items are from the dollar store.  I bought plastic planters and toy gardening equipment for the food and I hot glued bugs and fake flowers to spring them up a bit.  I also bought pinwheels and cloth insect finger puppets from IKEA and I scattered them around the room in vases and hidden on the shelves.  The favors were plastic bug catchers with a net and tong, and on the inside was an insect finger puppet.  For the adults we had a salad buffet with several different types of salad.  A few included: “Seed Salad” (Bean salad) “Chicken and Leaves” (Chinese Chicken Salad from Costco).  We also served various kid friendly options like slices of cheese cut into flower and butterfly shapes with a cookie cutter.  Veggie “Sticks” chips and pretzel “Twigs”.  I also found adorable build-a-bug fruit drops that were a hit with the older kids.  I ordered cupcakes from Costco.  They were huge but quite good!  I did customize them a bit with gummy worms, cookie crumbs, and Mike&Ike candy in flower designs.  I totally stole the caterpillar balloon bug idea from my friend, Michelle, who made one for her daughter’s caterpillar themed birthday the week before.  I thought she was completely brilliant!

IMG_5239IMG_5242 IMG_5244 IMG_5247


Lets talk wardrobe!  Michelle generously offered to loan me Maddy’s perfect buggy dress (complete with a cardigan, no less!) but I forgot to reply with a grateful yes in time to make arrangements to pop over and grab it, so instead, the night before the party I whipped up this bedazzled onesie!  Snail + Butterfly= Rhinstone-erific fun!

(Sorry, so dirty.  Did not think to take pics before cake fest!)



Me and the Unc accidently displaying the caterpillar banner I had Eloise’s classmates help me make at her school party.  Liquid watercolor on coffee-filters make beautiful party decor!  Plus it was a fun activity to do with a group of toddlers!

IMG_1945 IMG_1946 IMG_1947










For entertainment, I just put a bunch of Weezy’s toys in the living room and got a baby pool and some carnival balls at Target.  I also threw some of my favorite IKEA bugs in the ball pit.  The kids had a fun time finding them!

It was a really fun celebration befitting of the special little bug in our life!  However, next year we may go to Chuckie Cheese (Kidding.  Kind of. ) :)


Sabreena said...

You did a great job. Those were some of the cutest ideas I've seen. Those were also giant cupcakes but they looked yummy. My favorite was the food in flower post with little shovels. I wish I was this creative but I just find a theme and order everything online. Maybe this year I'll try to emulate you and get creative. Who am I kidding, party website here I come.

Megan said...

Wow! Look at all those cupcakes! You did a great job! I especially like the snail hiding on the shelf - what a nice touch. said...

What a wonderful birthday theme. Cute catepillar.....
Thanks for your comments. I live in Nor Cal also : )

Alison said...

Aw - what a GREAT party K!!! LOVE the shovels in the salads! You nailed all the details!! Nice work Mama!!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Thanks so much for joining the Celebration Party! This is such an adorable party theme {every single detail you added is super cute!} Thanks for sharing - You did a fabulous job {great theme}! Your food and desert tables look fabulous! {love the shovel touches..too cute} Thanks for sharing - You did a great job!

Wendy said...

What a cute party! And she's adorable!

Thanks for stopping by!