Saturday, March 14, 2009

Honey Do List

Last Wednesday I went to the doctor because on Thursday I was scheduled for some dental work that could "potentially start labor". I wanted to double check that Weezy was big enough for her grand premiere. The doctor weighed and measured me and said, "Tada! She's done." Apparently at 37.5 weeks I am already measuring at just under 40 weeks. Conclusion: Weezy could come at anytime. And, if Weezy waits until her due-date, she will be ginormous. Dr. Kahn seemed down-right giddy at the idea of me delivering her on Thursday and said that it would be "the best case scenario," if I had her a couple of weeks early because she is going to be so big.

It is Saturday. My dental work did not jump-start labor and I am beginning to develop a fear of gigantic babies. Brakes asked me what I wanted to do this weekend and I said:

1. Have sex.
2. Walk my ass off.
3. Eat spicy food.

Is there anything else I am forgetting? What are your tricks to entice Eloise out of my womb?

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Zoe said...

How exciting! Walking my ass off is what did it for me, we didn't even get around to the sex or spicy food. I'm sure the combo will be even better! Good luck!