Sunday, March 1, 2009

Body Dysmorphia

Brakes just reminded me of another interesting little tidbit we learned in birth class: I apparently am suffering from Body Dysmorphia. This is a serious psychiatric condition dealing with the way people view their bodies. Symptoms include having an inaccurate view of what your body actually looks like to other people. We discovered this condition at lunch when I casually mentioned to Brakes how amazing I think it is that, even though I was the first one due among the 10 women in birth class, I had by far the smallest belly. I went on and on about how "uncomfortably pregnant," those other woman look and how lucky I feel that I am likely going to skip that phase because Weezy's due date is right around the corner and my stomach is still so relatively small. Brakes looked confused for a moment and then quickly corrected me:

"Bug, you legitimately think you're smaller than those other woman? Umm, you're not. Definitely not."

I tried to disagree but he was awfully (yet gently) insistent. Apparently I do not see myself the way others see me (I think I am a lot thinner).

You be the judge:

I think I look very thin... or is that just the dysmorphia talking?


Anonymous said...

You look very beautiful.

But you also look very pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Good answer R! Wise man...

Alison 'n Brandyn said...

Ditto R Johnson... no hiding that PG belly... you look GREAT Katie!!