Friday, February 5, 2010

Rainy Maladies

Eloise 10 months and house projects 040I woke up one day last week to a sound that leaves many a mom of newly mobile babies quaking in fear: thunder!  Like much of the west coast, the Bay Area has been inundated with storms and showers for the last two weeks.  We’ve had nary a day of sunshine and poor Weezy hasn’t been to the park in what seems like eons!  For a kiddo who likes to get out and about (and a mom who likes her kiddo to get out and about) the hassle of a rainy day makes us more than a bit blue.  It also makes us more than a bit bored. 

In my pre-baby life I would relish a rainy day and use it as an excuse to stay in my jammies, sipping spiked tea, and watching reality TV reading a good book, all day long.   But life with baby does not exactly lend itself to blissfully buzzed blas√© afternoons, and besides it would be inappropriate to ignore the baby and drink read the day away, so I had to get creative.  By 11:00 AM we had banged pots and pans together.  Pulled at Tess’s ears.  Emptied and reloaded Daddy’s sock drawer.  Twice.  Sang silly songs in the shower.  And practiced crawling up and down the stairs.  I was exhausted and ready for a nap but Eloise seemed to be invigorated by the inclement weather and she adamantly refused to sleep.  By noon I was desperate enough to go digging around in the catacombs, combing through all of my old teaching materials, looking for an infant-appropriate diversion.  When my eyes alighted on the gross-motor tunnel, I knew I had struck gold! 

Eloise crawled, dragged, and peak-a-booed the afternoon away until finally her dad came home and mama got a cocktail break!  Before I passed out (from exhaustion, people!  What do you take me for!?) I managed to snap a few cute shots!

It is a good thing she is so freaking adorable because she sure is a handful!

 Eloise 10 months and house projects 037 Eloise 10 months and house projects 041


Jessica Interiors, Etc. said...

You are too funny, darlin', but treasure these times, for little "Weezy" will be saying, "later Mom", and running out the door to be with her friends, her dates, her own family, and you can then enjoy the day's pleasures that you put aside until then.

Sabreena said...

Rainy days are rough with little ones. My 2 boys go nuts when they can't go outside. Being 3 and 2 they get stir crazy and start to run around like little patients in a mental ward (size 3T straight jacket anyone?) The problem with mine is entertainment ain't easy. They get too rambunctious later in the day for games and by the evening I am crumpled in a corner dodging foam balls and Thomas trains. Ahhh, relish these moments. Thanks for the pics, Weezy is super sweet.

Meghann said...

I can't get over how much she suddenly looks like her daddy in these pictures!

SmartAssMom said...

Ha, I'm laughing at the comment above mine because I was going to say how much of a mini-me (uh, mini-you? mini-gas?) she's turning into!