Monday, February 22, 2010

Celebrity Lookalikes!

The other day a soon-to-be father asked me what it is like to be a dad.  I immediately knew how to answer. Remember the Mogwais? Those cute little fury creatures from the movie Gremlins.  

gremlins mogwai

Well, just like the movie we were blessed with our very own Gizmo 11 months ago. Isn’t she cute?


When we brought her home we knew the rules were simple: Don’t let her stay up past midnight and whatever you do DON’T GET HER WET!

But the other day she sprinted for the sink and next thing we knew….


She was in the kitchen. Gremlins can be extremely reckless and they are really messy eaters.



I summed up my conversation with my friend with this sage advice:  You have two jobs as a parent:

Keep them out of trouble and prevent spawning at all costs. 


Gremlins are a lot of work!  Its a good thing it’s 11:45 PM and Gizmo is finally in bed!

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Room to Inspire said...

This is a very cute post - your Gizmo is super cute!