Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weezy Wednesday; A Hairy Renovation

As you know, we are all about reno in the B&G household and Weezy got caught up in the spirit too!  Everybody loves a good makeover!

PS: Did anyone else watch “A Makeover Story” on TLC like 8 years ago?  I think it was the first of the makeover shows… it was so pure too; no surgery, no zoom whiting, no hellish turns in a three-way-mirror.  Hmmm.  Anyways. 


amazingzipperedwoman said...

Was the wine bottle on the table to prepare you before the haircut or to help you celebrate after the haircut?

liz said...

Love It! Miss Weezy looks even more adorable now. And yes, Leave it to me to have all past TLC programming covered. I loved all of the "story" shows. Wedding, dating, makeover, baby.....sadly, the only one left is baby story. I take what I can get.

Sabreena said...

Your Weezy is so fricken cute. She did really well for a first haircut too. There was one point where my computer buffered and Weezy was looking at the camera with some uncertainty like someone was going to write something inappropriate on her back. Very sweet video.

Marllette said...

Aw, Katie, Weez is so dang cute, I wish I could just squeeze her. And I second Grammov's keen eye, I was going to comment on the wine bottle too :)

Now if only Weezy's betrothed grew enough hair to warrant a hair cut... poor guy.