Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Commemorative One Week Anniversary Edition of B&G News

Today is the one week anniversary of home ownership! We loved celebrating our first Thanksgiving in our own house… and I’ll have you know, we did not sit on boxes as we gorged on turkey and pie.  The house was almost completely unpacked by Thursday evening.  Given that the moving truck did not even start loading until 3:15 PM on Wednesday, that is pretty impressive.  Want to know my secret weapon?  Child labor. Our little sisters, Sabrina and Chelsea, had boundless energy!  I pretty much threw objects out of boxes and barked its destined location and the girls rushed to put it away.  All it cost me was a few tootsie rolls and a pack of gum!  Nice!

Our family drove up to the Bay Area to help us move (the sisters), watch the baby (the grandma), and school us in the joys of homeownership (the grandpa).   Chris, Brakes’ dad, crossed so many of our to-do’s off the list and he brought us a whole van-full of tools and knowledge to get us started in our quest to DIY-dom.  Plus, he is coming back next weekend to tile the kitchen!  LOVE THAT MAN!

It has not been all glory though… there have been some casualties on our home front.  The paneling and wallpaper in the bedrooms and dining room suffered a crushing loss last Tuesday, when it was yanked from its locale with wild abandon and shoved into the dumpster down the street. 

My previously manicured nails are now mangled shreds of their former glorious selves and the skin on Brakes’ arms and hands is striped with angry, red scratches; the result of his epic battle with the black-berry bushes out back.

Lastly, I am sorry to report: the fancy-pants toilet seat went missing after the home inspection.  Alas I will never uncover the mystery that lurked beneath that potty’s still waters, nor what strange and unusual purpose the plethora of buttons served.  A monumental disappointment, but I must carry on.

 Eloise 8 months and Moving to Hazel 300                                                                  


PS: Because no post is complete without a picture of the Weez; here is ole’moneybags (Weez not me) signing the closing papers on her new house.

(***disclaimer***                                                       This is not a posed shot.  We do not stoop to manufactured adorableness. Yet.)


Marllette said...

a home in ahwahtukee out here had a similar toilet contraption in the master bath when jeff & i were house hunting, only these sellers were bold enough to post an enormous sign on the toilet that was very clear - "TOILET SEAT DOES NOT CONVEY!" i guessed it was a very special toilet seat if it wasn't even up for negotiation.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I hear ya about the wallpaper, as I'm sure you already read! I am quite excited to see what you guys do with your new place, congrats!