Monday, December 14, 2009

Excuses, Excuses…

Sorry for the long absence, folks.  I have a variety of excuses.  Please read the following and pick your favorite (feel free to refrain from choosing until you’ve digested all of the follow-up posts with more details on the various excuses.  Coming soon.)

  • We are hip-deep in wall-paper peelings, paint splatter, and wood paneling.  The computer got buried among the wreckage.
  • Weezy caught her first social disease.
  • Brakes has resorted to a life of crime.
  • Gas has discovered she does not really care for manual labor after-all.  Hmm.  That’s a pity.
  • Gas decided to go back to work half-time (because I wasn’t busy enough?  I crave stress and think cortisol adds an attractive layer of chub to my belly?  I am insane.  PS: Did I mention I am hosting three families at Christmas.
  • Brakes kept a major secret from Gas.  (He won’t be doing that again.)

And on a serious note:

A week ago Thursday our blog lost its favorite reader.  My Grandma joined my Grandpa in that great big dance floor in the sky.  She passed away peacefully, in her sleep, in her own home, with her dignity intact.  She was about to turn 86 and she was still as sharp as a tack and enjoyed a full and active lifestyle.  My grandma was one of the smartest, classiest, and most loved ladies I’ve ever known.  She had a great sense of humor and loads of style and panache.  She epitomized what was great about her generation and she will be so missed by everyone who knew her.  I am grateful for the memories, legacy, and education she gave to me and I hope that I can grow up to be half the woman she was. 

Here is a recent picture taken of my beautiful Grandmother meeting Weezy, her 16th great-grandchild.

Grandma and the Weez


minivan soapbox said...

Sweetie, I'm so sorry about your Grandmother. I lost mine earlier this year, and it so hard. What a blessing that she got to meet and hold your daughter. I'm praying for ya.

SmartAssMom said...

I'm so sorry for your loss!

Stefanie K. said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

janessa said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Alison said...

Aw K, I'm so sorry to hear of your Grandma.