Monday, May 3, 2010

Brakes’ Riddle

After painting knobs all day (sounds diry- its not.) on Valentines day, as you can imagine, I was a wee bit irritated. I may have pouted, whined, and sulked communicated my disappointment in a completely mature and appropriate way. Like most of my lectures helpful suggestions, I assumed that Brakes would blatantly ignore most likely forget my message. So you can imagine my total surprise when I woke up the following day to this: (after he had been up for hours with the baby, letting me sleep in! I know! How could I ever complain about this man?! Just wait- it gets better!)

Eloise 11 months 181

(I really should stop showing off my messy night stand!)















I looked across the room and saw this:

Eloise 11 months 182

In this kitchen I spied these:

Eloise 11 months 175












The dining room bore this:

Eloise 11 months 174











The living room was not left out:

Eloise 11 months 176

Eloise 11 months 177

Neither was Weezy’s room, both bathrooms, the garage, even the mother-in-law catacombs where the dogs sleep! Every where I went there were sweet yellow flowers clipped from our front yard (pretty sure they’re weeds but I love them just the same!) and every time I spotted a new vase Brakes and I would make out and Weezy would give me tender little kisses! It was loving, romantic, meaningful, and it made me feel adored and appreciated! A+ Brakes! I am so glad you are my little over-achiever and I apologize for underestimating your listening skills!


Tom said...

So, Brakes is finally connecting with his inner gardener! Tom and Nola, are you listening?

Sabreena said...

That is pretty creative and thoughtful for a dude. I think you have a keeper on your hands. Let's face it, any dad who facilitates the extra sleep of his wife is a keeper. The creative lovey stuff is icing on top of that cake.

Alison said...

So damn sweet!!! Nice work Brakes!!

Mommy Moreno said...

AWWWWWWWW~!!!!! Total keeper!