Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We are such LOWESER’s

Hello out therrrrrrreeeee! Can anybody hear me? Hi everybody. Brakes here! Sorry for the very long brake.  (I was referring to the long hiatus, not my privates.  That would be inappropriate.  Despite what Gas has lead you to believe, I do have some social graces. Anyways.)  Gas has been hard at work on a super secret project the likes of which I hope we can divulge soon. This project has taken virtually all of her free time and, in the interest of sparing her sanity in the evenings, it has meant a lot of soiled diapers coming my way. Let’s just say that I’m up a couple on her at this point. (Gas Edit: Not likely.) If this project could grow legs it would walk the trail to Mordor (I know all you Mommy Blog readers are closeted Tolkien geeks too!).  (Gas Edit: I thought I asked you not to reference LOTR on my our blog?) But enough of that. I was sent to talk about our other child.

As many of you know Gas and I bought a house not too long ago. It’s what Gas refers to as a “mid century modern rancher” which IMO is a cute way of saying sixties tract home with no curb appeal. The upside is that it is on a large lot and has plenty of room. This is good because we are never moving. again. ever. or ever. never.

When we bought the house it was obvious that it needed some upgrades. It was listed as a “maintenance free house”. I can only assume that this was because there hadn’t been any maintenance performed on it in over 25 years. Thankfully, Gas was very organized and came up with a tiered and color-coded (leave it to her to add decor to a flow-chart) system with the most important things in green (tier 1) to least important in red (tier 3) and slowly we’ve been chipping away.

We started with the necessary stuff like a fence for the dogs, and fixing leaky plumbing. Then we moved on to some more difficult stuff like tiling. Now neither of us have been around home improvement much. Gas did a little maintenance growing up (Gas Edit: Does this make me sound like a custodian? I wasn’t.  Not that there is anything wrong with custodians, or sanitation engineers, or whatever.  Anyways.  Continue:) and I had some woodworking and electrical experience in college, but for the heavy lifting we’ve had to call in some experts. For the tiling we were fortunate enough to call in my dad for his expertise (and some tools).

Here’s a couple pictures so far:

This one was taken on closing day. The gentleman on the left is the former owner, Kago. Notice how we are smiling and he is not. I’m pretty sure if this was taken today the roles would be reversed. Look at Gas and I beaming.  So young.  So naive.

Eloise 8 months and Moving to Hazel 301 

Day 1 of the renovation. Weez got right to work directing.

Eloise 8 months and Moving to Hazel 312

Here is my dad and I tiling the floor in the entryway. Please note the gigantic hole in the floor from which my head is protruding.

Eloise 9 months, Christmas 09, House Projects 003This was definitely one of those what-the-hell-were-we-thinking moments. We made this hole in front of the garage entrance a couple days before our guests arrived for Christmas. The hole leads to the dark, cavernous crawlspace below. The idea was tossed around that we could leave it there with some water and rations beneath. When tensions got high we could just ask the offending guest to please check on the laundry in the garage…

Gas’s mom refers to the crawlspace as the catacombs. I like to call it our “mother-in-law” unit.


Here’s the kitchen floor before and after:

Eloise 9 months, Christmas 09, House Projects 095 IMG_4752

Last weekend my little sister started calling us LOWES-er’s because we’ve been know to frequent our favorite hardware store up to three times in a day. Though, sometimes we like to mix it up a bit and go to Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH). Why? Because we’re OSHsome!   That's all for now, folks!  I am off to tackle some more tier 1’s! 


African Kelli said...

Well, from the first photos I'd say this house is already lucky to have you. Great improvements! Hope your new year is off to a great start.

minivan soapbox said...

LOVE the new floor!!!

Lindsy said...

Love the pictures! More please!!!