Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not up to Code!

A couple of months ago your humble blogger was out back clipping blackberry bushes from our lower deck when one of the boards gave out and I fell to my demise 4 feet below. It was only four feet, but it could have been a lot further. So I had to ask myself how many people are going to have to fall through this deck before somebody does something about it? Four? Six? I don’t know really. You tell me. We’ll actually we only know about six people, so six is the max. Will our homeowners insurance cover this many people? I don’t know. I do know that minimum code requires that the casual stroller should not fall through the structure. It looked like a lot of work to fix though, so we covered the hole with a disposable table cloth and left it alone to heal on it’s own.

Note from Gas: Brakes thinks he's Holmes on Homes. (and he does look pretty cute in his overalls)

Fast forward 3 weeks. Gas casually recommends that we work on having a fun outdoor area for when the weather gets better. Cue: The deck. So I hired a guy to get some estimates on redwood lumber (me), consulted an exterior designer (Gas), called in a deck guy (my dad), hired a painter (me), and hired a team of carpenters (us, and we use that term very loosely BTW) and started work. Don’t worry we’re going to Make it Right! Keep smiling.

Now the truth is that guys really don’t know how anything works. But we can always pop open the hood and take a look. Unfortunately sometimes once we get going tinkering with something there is no undo button. Hence this mess:


In addition to the rotted boards near the end of the deck, the joists closest to the patio were very beat up. Particularly the one on the middle was almost completely gone from dry rot:


So after a couple of hours of making a mess and a discussion with our architect (my dad), we decided it would be best to just pull up all the decking boards are replace with new.


Gas thought a white banister with redwood decking would look good since the yard is naturally pretty dark. For the paint we used a paint gun with acrylic white paint. Oh, and BTW we have a ton of firewood if anybody wants some.


This is where it got really messy. We cut back the joists beyond the dry rot and replaced some of them with treated lumber then covered the structure with wood protectant. The little carpenter on the left also helped us with odds and ends.


After getting the framing done it was easy-peasy except for a little bad weather.


The rain coming early was a bummer and we had to stop work about 1/2 way through fastening the deck boards.


Here’s a picture of the finished product (wet):


We also got a yard adornment. It’s like a mix between a garden gnome and a Chia Pet, and it does some cool stuff!


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Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi there,
We're doing the deck thing too. Fixing "not to code" also. Your's turned out amazing! What a beautifil "after" picture.

I wanted to let you know you won my "rooster" givaway! I hope you love them. Going by what you said, I think you will.

Just email me your address, and I'll get them right out to you!