Friday, October 16, 2009

Dishcloth Apron Tutorial

Look at me all fancy with a tutorial!  Ha!  Okay, this does not really count as a tutorial because it is only two steps but I still thought it was cute so I decided to share:

I am teaching an edible art class for the Parks and Recreation department (Brakes keeps telling me to “Keep it in your pants, Knope.”  He thinks he is very funny.) I am combining healthy recipes that are designed to get kids excited about food and expand their palates, with an art class that fosters creativity and works on fine motor skills.  I love kids cooking activities because it encompasses so many skills: sequencing, following directions, self-help, etc.  The list goes on and on. (I am kind of an early childhood education dork.)  Oh well.  Anyways, the first lesson is Picasso Pita Pizza.  Allow me to present my lesson plan (were these required to teach the class?  Certainly not.  I already said I am a dork; I often make color coded power-point presentations for fun):


I was concerned that making Pita Pizzas could be over in a flash so I decided to beef up the class with a little art project.  The kiddo’s are going to decorate aprons.  Since I am not a zillionaire and aprons don’t grow on trees, I knew I would have to fashion these beauties made out of items from my fave place: The Dollar Store.  I bought 10 gingham dishcloths, a set of white muslin napkins, and some grosgrain ribbon for $7.  I sewed a hem over the top of the dishcloth and threaded some grosgrain ribbon through.  Then I tacked a ribbon on either side of the “aprons”  waist.  Last I glued a square of napkin to the front of the apron to act as a nametag and to personalize the look.  I am planning on the kids decorating the name patch while the Pita Pizzas are baking.  In my experience kids love making things they can use!  I cannot wait to see my little students toddling around wearing their matching aprons.

My dining room chairs are the most preschooler sized thing currently residing in my house, so I had to make do with Chair modeling the ensemble for me.   Obviously I did not iron my finished product.

 Apron Materials Chair Model Label Katie Model Yes, I did in fact crop out my messy kitchen.  An expert seamstress/apron designer does not have time to clean.  It is a little short on an adult but it should look pretty cute and provide good coverage on the little ones!

Next up: DIY Dish Towel Chair Covers… I kid. 

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