Monday, October 5, 2009

Can We Talk A Little FD?

Around this time of year my loved one’s voicemails and inboxes are inundated with requests to discuss Fall Decor aka FD aka My Obsession.  With the first whiff of Autumn and the first crackle of leaves, my body has a kinesthetic reaction.  My heart starts racing, my pupils dilate, my mouth begins to water.  I feel like I might throw up with the anticipation.  I have self-control though (barely).  I always wait until the weekend following the first official day of Fall to begin my ministrations.  And that time, my friends, is NOW!  This weekend begins it all!  Candy corn laden apothecary jars!  Warm rust silken throw pillows!  A spray-painted pumpkin or two! 

My bean jars!  I almost forgot about my bean jars!  They are the BEST part!  Stay tuned for a viewing of this year’s finished creation.  Until then, I will provide you with this teaser from last year’s festivities!

Its A Girl

Don’t worry… we will not be redoing this idea again this year! 


Alison said...

You are SO very creative K!!!

The DIY Show Off said...

haha! I love your enthusiasm and the pumpkin is such a cute and clever idea! :) Can't wait to see more! Stop by and add your FD inspiration to the Fall Festival Monday!