Sunday, September 6, 2009


Obviously that nesting instinct is still going strong at the B&G household! I have been crafting up a storm... Just shows what a girl can do with a little alone time. I call the following the $5 challenge. Eloise and I went to the dollar store and spent $5 dollars. We wanted to see how many crafts we could make (and by we, I mean me, as she slept) for five buckaroonies.
Above is what we started with... can you guess what we made?

#2 and #3 were epoxied together to create a cute glass cake plate inspired by Karli's cake plate over at Rocky Bella. Weez baked the cake.

#4 was once was a place-mat but with some batting already on hand, it found a new life as a throw pillow! Brakes said I could not buy anymore throw pillows but he didn't say anything about place-mats! Hahahhaha! I had seen this idea a few places online, but I cannot remember where I saw it first (From now on I will save ideas I plan on using so that I can give proper credit); if I took this idea from you, please let me know!

Last but not least #1 and #5 made six adorable flowered headbands. These are our own design, though I know we are not the first people to think of them. We forgot to take a picture of them all spread out before we brought them over to our friend's house yesterday. They have triplet girls so they really appreciated the accessories! A few headbands attached to a book, stuffed animal, or bottle of wine (If I had triplets, I would need a lot of wine!) make a great hostess gift for a Mama with girl babies!
After so much crafting we have a happy mama, bedecked babies, a refreshed chair, and a delicious cake display! Not too shabby for Mama!


Alison said...

NICE work lady!!!!!

Marllette said...

aw, i love you so, katie. you have always been this clever and wonderful and reach new heights as a momma. you inspire me, darling.
miss you soooo.