Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sometime last year, in an effort to ignore the longing in my uterus, I took dear Henry's advice and found a hobby. DECOR! Once I had spent a good chunk of our down payment money, decorated every room in our rental house... twice, Henry put his foot down and demanded I find a new hobby; one that does not cost a lot of dough or him his sanity. I began a blog.

It is really more of a journal typed into a word document (I am very high-tech). It is full of tales about our adventures in house-hunting, baby making, and living life as perfectly matched opposites.

Now that one of our long-term goals has been accomplished (blogging could only contain my urges for so long!) and we are expecting a little girl in a few weeks, I've decided to "publish" my journal as a way to keep friends and family informed of Miss Weezy's progress and of the happenings of our family (It is only fair to share with everyone Henry's famous puns!). I hope to update about once a week (mas o menos, I am very cultured... practically bilingual) throughout the remainder of the pregnancy, delivery, and those fun first weeks.

With that I will leave you with a picture (I hope!). This is Weezy's first glamour shot (with legs at least). Notice her dad's long neck and her mom's ginormous shoulders (yeah, she should be a pleasure to deliver).

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